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How to Paint a Jeep Hardtop – Follow these Steps for Hardtop Paint

Oh, how many times we have been asked about this!

We understand how much you love your jeep and how you want to always keep it in top condition.
While maintenance is pretty straightforward, depending on the type of jeep you have and how you
use it, a common question about painting keeps cropping up. We are going to address that in this
article and then help you understand how to do it right.

Can you paint a jeep hardtop?

Good news! You can definitely paint a jeep hardtop. But it is not as easy as buying paint and starting
off without a thought. There are multiple things you should keep in mind and consider before you go
for it. One of the most important ones is the type of jeep you have and how the finishing is. Also,
why do you want to paint it in the first place? Is it because it has scratches, or do you want to repaint
it entirely? Depending on your requirements, please choose any of the following methods.

How to Paint a Jeep Hardtop?

If you would like to just touch up the jeep hardtop in order to get rid of the scratches, you can order
touchup paint that’s specific to your jeep’s model and follow the instructions given on it. It is simple
and easy. Make sure you read reviews before you make any decisions about products, though.

But what if you want to paint the entire jeep hardtop?

To paint the whole jeep hardtop, it is essential for you to be patient because it is a time-consuming Process. If you are up for it, please continue reading the steps:

  • Clean the hardtop so that it has no dirt, grease, silica, wax, or any other contamination on it.
    We recommend that you use a good washing agent so that you don’t work too hard in the
    first step itself.
  • Now, use a scouring pad on the entire surface to rough it up. You can use sandpaper as well.
    The aim is to make it all rough. This process will take a lot of time (approximately 6 hours),
    but you can’t rush through it. Do it slowly and precisely.
  • Once you are done with this, you can use good spray paint to paint the entire hardtop after applying primer. Buy a good one that has been recommended and reviewed on Amazon. The primer is important because it helps the paint stay on longer.
  • Let it dry once the painting is done. This may take a day or two. Check the paint you bought for details.

According to us, leaving this job to the experts is ideal because they know how to do everything
precisely. Going the DIY route could actually be dangerous because it is easy to get frustrated or
mess things up. Of course, a professional will charge you, but that’s a small price to pay in exchange
for a hassle-free painting.

All the best! Do let us know what you decided and how the results were.

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