Floor jack extension – Expert Reviews for floor jack adapter

There are some garage essential tools and equipment that one should own to reduce your visits to the mechanic. One such vital equipment worth your money is a floor jack extension as it helps in lifting the car with ease for changing the wheels, doing repair work and more. Many car manufacturers provide a jack or lift kit for emergencies but those can be tricky to use. 

Top Recommendation for floor jack extensions

The ones available in the market today are designed to lift heavy loads without causing any strains on the user’s hand. As these floor jacks are hydraulic ones, beginners and even professionals can use this. And for making it easy for you to the suitable floor jack extension, I have made a list of top five floor jack saddles below:

1. Blackhawk Fast Lift Service JackBlackhawk Fast Lift Service Jack

The number one floor jack extension on the list is this popular and highly appreciated alternative from the brand of Blackhawk. It has an excellent lift capacity of 3.5 ton or 7,000 lbs. The extender also has a built-in safety valve and a vent play to ensure safe operation. It also comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

  • As this floor jack extension comes with a swivel saddle, it becomes easy and safe for the users to position it.
  • The jack features a bypass that aids in preventing the damage caused by over-pumping.
  • It features a rugged universal joint that works well for the precise load control.
  • One can buy this for their house garage; however, it should be noted that it is only meant to lift the load and not support it.
  • Some users had received faulty products or missing parts, rest the jack works well.


2. Arcan Aluminum Floor JackArcan Aluminum Floor Jack

The next option that you can consider for your home garage is this floor jack from Arcan. This one also has an overall lifting capacity of 3 ton and a working range of up to 17.5 inches. It is a well-constructed jack with alloyed steel that extends the longevity of the equipment.

  • The jack comes with a contoured saddle that helps in locating lugs and supporting the vehicle frame.
  • It has a reinforced lift arm that provides strength and durability to the jack.
  • As this jack has bypass and overload valves, it prevents the overextension of hydraulic ram and jack when it surpasses the rated capacity.
  • The jack extension has two-piece handles that make it convenient for storage.
  • The counterweighed pawl on this jack helps in adjusting the jack and also prevents the slippage.
  • The customer service of this product is not up to the mark, according to some buyers.


3. Performance Tool Jack Floor JackPerformance Tool Jack Floor Jack

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly jack that is packed with all the features needed for doing the repair work, then this alternative will be best suited for you. This particular jack has the maximum capacity of 5,000 lb and a lift range of 5” to 15 ½”. It is also available in other sizes and ranges, having different lifting capacities.

  • This jack, like other options, has overload bypass valves for ensuring the safety of users.
  • One can use it for cars as well as light-duty tracks on the go.
  • The jack features swivel casters that help in positioning the jack with ease with precision.
  • There are many variants available for this jack, such as heavy-duty jack, low profile jack, trolley jack and trolley jack combos.
  • Few buyers faced the issue of oil leakage after using it for four-five times.


4. Arcan Low Profile Steel Floor Jack Arcan Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Arcan is one brand that offers a range of floor jacks right from low profile to heavy-duty ones. This particular jack is a low profile frame jack that can be used by professionals as well as beginners for the car repairs. Its sleek design makes it easy to get under any vehicle to lift and do the needed repairs. The lift capacity of this jack is up to 2 tons.

  • The floor jack is suitable for the people looking for a low profile frame that aids in accessing the low ground vehicle clearance.
  • This jack is lightweight as it is made using aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • As this jack has a dual pump piston, one can easily raise the floor jack saddle to the load.
  • It has a versatile lifting range from 3.5” to 18.5”, making it ideal for heavy-duty use.
  • The two-piece handles on these jacks allow easy storage.

  • It is less durable as compared to the other options on this list and also has a problem of oil leakage.


5. Pro-Lift Lift Garage Jack Pro-Lift Lift Garage Jack 

The last option for getting a decent floor jack saddle is this one by Pro-Lift. It has an overall capacity of 3.5 tons and a range of 5 ½ “ to 22 inches. This is designed to lift the load speedily with just one or two strokes. The functionality of this jack is user-friendly as it has a rolled sides frame that aids in adding the strength and reducing the twisting. The rear swivel casters help in achieving the desired position with ease.

  • The jack features a rubber saddle that protects the vehicle while lifting it.
  • It also has a magnetic tool tray that aids the users to keep the small tools in place while repairing.
  • The foam handle on this floor jack extension makes it comfortable for the users to use it for pumping.
  • It’s universal joint release mechanism offered the precision control f the load descent in any handle position.
  • The jack comes with a 90-day warranty from the day of purchase.
  • Many users found it heavyweight and faced the issue of leaking hydraulic fluid.


Concluding Remarks

All the options stated above are the tried and tested ones by several users. Although I have included only the top-rated floor jack extension alternatives in this list, if there is one that I am asked to recommend, then it is the second option by Arcan, its aluminum floor jack. This specific jack is durable, easy to use and also has an excellent lifting range. Make sure to go through all the specifications and pricing of each product to finalize the one you want to buy.

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