Best Jack for Changing Trailer Tires – Top Recommendation for tire jacks by experts

Have you experienced any inconvenience while changing your trailer tires? Do you fear that the jack you are using might betray you? Then you are probably aware of the importance of a good jack while changing tires or making a repair under your car. Getting a flat tire is a common thing that most of us would have faced. The only thing that can save you in such a time is having a strong and reliant jack. 

Before you head on to buy the Best Jack for Changing Trailer Tires, let me tell you what you should be looking for in a tire jack. The foremost thing to be kept in mind for trailer jack is its weight-bearing capacity. Tire jacks should be able to hold the weight that is on your trailer. You must go for jacks that are made up of stainless steel over the aluminum ones for changing tires on RV. One more thing to be considered for an RV tire changing jack is the height your jack can reach. Trailers tend to have good ground clearance making it difficult for some flat tire jacks to reach up to that height, or be sturdy at such a height. It is advisable to measure your trailer ground clearance and choose a trailer jack that best suits your needs. Let us now move onto finding the best jack for you.

Best Jack for Changing Trailer Tires

1. Powerbuilt 6204741 Unijack

Powerbuilt 620471 UnijackThe Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack is one of the best jacks for changing your trailer tires. With a capacity of 3 tons or 6000lb, this jack has a good capacity of lifting your weighted trailer so you can easily change its tires in case of tire mishap or flat tires. You can consider it as an all in one jack as it has a design that combines the functionality of a jack stand and hydraulic bottle jack in one. This eliminates the use of a separate jack stand to maintain proper balance. The flat tab at the top end is designed in such a way that the jack can withhold heavy trucks, cars or trailers irrespective of whether they are unibody or body-on-frame vehicles. It also has a safety bar that lets you lock the jack at a certain height so that you don’t have to worry about the vehicle getting down.

  • Compact size that needs less space
  • Not very heavy
  • Has a built-in jack stand
  • Very sturdy with a huge bottom plate
  • Lock for jack stand can be set at only 3 heights

2. Eaz-Lift 24″ Scissor JackEaz-Lift 24" Scissor Jack

The Eaz-Lift 24 inch scissor jack is said to be the best friend for campers and RVers. It has a capacity of 5000 lb and can easily stabilize trailers and heavy vehicles. This jack is available in different height options so you can choose one according to your requirement. This particular one here can be expanded from 4 inches to 24 inches which is pretty enough for a trailer jack. The best part about this jack is that it’s compact and can be easily carried everywhere you go. It is built with heavy-duty anti-corrosion steel that adds to its strength and durability. The base features a decent design which can support the vehicle for easy lifting and maintaining its stability. The Eaz-Lift jack has wider threads that make it quicker to set it to a particular height. 

  • Includes the hardware used to mount them
  • Threads are far apart so quick increase and decrease in height
  • Provides independent support at the corner
  • More stable than the jacks that come with trailers
  • No thrust bearing behind the screw mechanism


3. Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48″ JackHi-Lift Jack HL484 48" Jack

The Hi-Lift HL484 jack is one of the highest in our selection. Despite being a lightweight jack, it can offer a tested load capacity of about 7000 pounds (3175 kg) and a rated load capacity of about 4660 pounds (2114 kg). It features a two-piece handle and socket which makes it easy to operate. You can get the best results from this jack when used with a jack stand and a wheel chock. This jack is equipped with a shear bolt which refrains the jack from being used for a load that is heavier than 7000 pounds. It is perfect for use in off-road trails that require not just lifting but also pulling, winching, and clamping. It is a very strong and durable jack that is made with a mix of cast components and four high-strength stamped steel components.

  • Can be used as a clamp or a puller
  • Good build quality that lasts a lifetime
  • Can be used in snow, mud, sand or a track
  • Great for heavy and high lifting
  • Limited jacking points
  • Metal handle clip is not convenient for the heavy jack

4. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor JackPro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

The Pro-Lift F-767 is a garage jack that is easy to carry, featuring a handle at the top and wheels at the bottom. This jack lets you work with vehicles that have the lowest ground clearance. With this jack, you can get access to get into hard places with a minimum height of 3 ½ inches. It has a lifting capacity of 2 tons and can be used to lift your trailers, cars, and trucks. The best feature of this jack is that it is equipped with a patented bypass device which does not allow you to over pump and provides protection against overloading. The red piece at the top has a design that supports the frame of your vehicle and stabilizes the vehicle when it’s lifted. You should definitely root for this heavy-duty garage jack that is made of steel and provides long term durability.

  • Built-in safety valve for protection from overloading
  • 90 days SFA warranty from the date of purchase
  • Can be used for low ground clearance vehicles
  • Heavy but can be handled easily
  • Some users faced the problem of hydraulic leakage after a few uses

5. BIG RED T90603B Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack

BIG RED T90603B Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack

The Big Red T90603B hydraulic welded bottle jack is designed for residential and commercial use. It features a serrated saddle at the top of the bottle which provides support for lifting and a secure grip. This jack has an adjustable screw top and a lifting range of 8 ½ inches to 16 ¼ inches. It is designed to lift your trailer with minimal effort and has a lifting capacity of 12000 pounds. It has a piston ram that prevents the load from falling down and causing any fatalities. The T90603B hydraulic jack meets ASME PASE safety standards and also has a Torin 1 year warranty. This jack is available in various lifting capacities from 2 ton to 50 ton. A 6-ton variant would be good enough to change tires for your trailer. You can get the usage instruction on the bottle itself and it’s pretty easy to use and compact to store.

  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • The top checkered piece can be adjusted and adds 2 to 3 inches to its height
  • Built-in oil bypass and overload valve
  • Available in options up to 50 tons
  • Paint comes off easily
  • Need more pumps when compared with floor jacks to bring it to a certain height 

Final Word

I hope this article has helped you in choosing the best jack for your trailer tires. Have a look at the above list and pick one that fits your budget and caters to your needs. These are some of the best-recommended jacks by users based on their reviews and rating. Once you have the perfect jack for your vehicle, tire changing will become as easy as it can be.

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