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We often come across situations where we are stuck with some problems with our car and stranded on roads or highways. These situations can stress out some people if they don’t know what exactly to do. Being a car owner, one should know the ways around doing small repair work or changing wheels. It is always good to know about these issues as it helps in saving your time as well as money. One of the most versatile tools to help you with automotive repairs is an engine support bar. As the name suggests, this tool is designed to provide support to the engine while you are doing your repair work. It generally consists of a long steel tubular structure with hooks to hold the engine in place. 

Best engine support bar

Mechanics also use this tool for repair work such as removal of transmission or engine mounts without removing the engine. Many people confuse these support bars with engine hoists, but both these tools differ in their functions and use. I have made a list of the top-rated and best engine support bar available in the market today that can help you with such repair work. Go through the list and find the one that suits all your criteria. 

1. Goplus Engine Support Bar 

Goplus Engine Support Bar 

Goplus Engine support bar is one of the trusted choices as it features heavy-duty steel construction. The support bar is designed to help you with working on heavy automotive repairs. It comes with every accessory needed for the engine work such as a steel beam, standing block, adjusting screw, steel chain with handles, hooks, brackets and hardware. In all, it is a complete package for someone who is searching for an all-rounder support bar. As it has a powder-coated finish, it is more durable. The bar also has adjustable screw hangers that make it easy for the people to use for different automobiles.

  • The maximum capacity of this particular engine support bar is up to 1,100 pounds and 31.4 lbs in weight.
  • This engine support bar has rubber padded legs that help in preventing the damage to paint and slippage.
  • It can support the engine for pulling out the transmission.
  • The engine lift bar comes with six different sizes of punches for various engine sizes.
  • The handle’s end is made from plastic making it comfortable for the users to hold the support bar.
  • The package that comes with two long 28” chains that aid in mounting the engine.
  • Several users have said that the bar starts to wobble while using it.


2. Astro Engine Transverse Bar 

Astro Engine Transverse Bar 

If you are searching for a support bar that comes with an extra arm to offer more support, then this alternative is ideal for you. This support bar is popular among the car owners due to the support arm that provides the three-point support for off-center loads. This additional support can make a user’s task easy for front-wheel work. It also works well for the removal of the motor mount. This support bar is durable, value for money and does the job it claims. As it helps in managing the load in the center, users prefer this engine support bars over the other alternatives.

  • The engine support tool is designed to remove the transaxle easily by supporting the engine of front-wheel drive vehicles.
  • It comes with e 14-inch adjustable hooks to prevent the wobbling of the bar while working on the engine.
  • The maximum load-bearing capacity of this support bar is up to 700 pounds.
  • The transverse bar also comes with ⅛-inch braided steel cables so that you don’t need to spend extra money on accessories.
  • It has an affordable price point and can be used universally for several cars.
  • This engine support bar works better for smaller cars.
  • Cables of this engine lift bar are not capable of holding a higher load.


3. Flexzion Engine Support Bar

Flexzion Engine Support Bar

Another excellent alternative one can consider for getting a support bar with heavy-duty steel construction is this Flexzion engine support bar. The bar has a maximum capacity of 1100lbs and comes with two adjustable holders. It is designed to hold the engine while repairing the gearbox, changing the engine mounts, etc. The support bar also comes with adjustable slider bolts that can enable the users to make the desired adjustments for the repair work. The bar also features a double hook assembly to hold the engine or the transmission support. The car wonder can also use this support for disconnections on fuel, diesel, or electric lines.

  • The support bar features a powder coating finish that makes it durable and stable.
  • It comes with all the needed accessories such as steel beam, rubber molded cushion, adjusting screw, steel chain with handles, standing block and brackets, hooks and hardware to work with the engine or transmission.
  • This engine support bar also had rubber-padded legs that prevent slip and damage to the paint.
  • It also comes with two 34 inch chains with handles to hold the engine in place.
  • One can easily use this support bar for automotive repairs.
  • Buyers complained about missing parts, but apart from that, there are no cons of this engine support tool.


4. Omega Engine Transverse Bar Omega Engine Transverse Bar 

Some car owners have an inclination towards buying the transverse bars with a support arm to help them fix the issues with ease. This is one of those alternatives that come with a support arm to assist in removing the transaxle by supporting the front wheel of the car. As it is built with a heavy-duty steel frame, it is not worn out easily. People with small to medium-sized vehicles can opt for this engine support as its width can be expanded from 38 inches to 61 inches.

  • This support bar comes with two 14 inches adjustable screws for making it easy for the users.
  • It offers a maximum capacity of up to 700 lbs.
  • The transverse bar meets all the factory compliances, thus ensuring the safety, stability and strength of this product.
  • The bar also comes with two 38 inches braided steel cables.
  • It is backed by one year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.
  • A few customers faced the issues of adjustments with this engine lift bar.


5. OTC Engine Support BarOTC Engine Support Bar

OTC engine support bar is one of the top-rated choices as it is value for money. Although it is more pricey than the other options, it’s features make up for it. The buyers who have used this engine support tool have liked the ease of use as well as its topnotch quality. The support bar features a tubular steel construction that makes it durable and sturdy. One can use this tool for removing the mounts, transmission and other automotive work. OTC is known for its assurance, high-quality products and reliability.

  • This support bar from OTC has a maximum capacity of 1100 lbs, making it suitable for all types of cars.
  • It has an adjustable width of 57 inchx27 inches and also comes with two chain assemblies for making further adjustments.
  • This option, like the others on the list, has rubber padded legs to ensure the stability of the tool while using it.
  • This engine support tool features two hook assemblies for making it easy for the users to hold the engine.
  • There are no negative reviews or ratings for this product so far from its buyers.
  • It is expensive than the other options on this list.


Final Verdict

All of the engine support bars, as mentioned above, come with a manual that can help you with assembling it. Engine lift bars can work for an array of repairs, but make sure that you know the right procedure and technique of doing so. If you are not confident enough to do the repairs, then I would suggest you watch some videos or tutorials to get a basic idea regarding the same. Make sure to use this tool with the utmost safety to avoid any injuries or accidents. 

And when it comes to making a final choice, I would suggest you go for the one that suits your budget and the measurements that are suitable for your car. I would recommend the OTC engine support bar personally because it has more capacity, can be expanded and has an unbeatable quality. Other alternatives also do what they claim and are useful for automotive repairs. However, make sure to go through all the features and reviews of products before making a purchase.

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