Best cordless drill for RV jacks – Expert reviews for cordless drill adapters

Punctured tires and similar issues require us to lift the car. But RV jacks serve a different purpose. The jack is installed under the trailer to prevent movement – vertical or lateral. This feature is extremely handy during camping. 

But, how do you install an RV jack? You need to drill it in. And for that, you need a cordless drill. The market has both electrical (automatic) and manual drills that can serve this purpose. You may choose the one you are more comfortable with. Our article is about cordless drills, so we shall predominantly cover the manual ones.

Buying Guide for Cordless Drill

How do you choose the best cordless drill? Surely, there are many in the market. So, how do you choose which one to buy? We have enlisted parameters that you can go by:

  • Portability: The main point of a cordless drill is convenience. You should be able to carry it around easily. If it isn’t portable, it will be added luggage. That’s why, always look for a lightweight, portable option.
  • Quality: All hardware tools must be sturdy and durable. If you can find a drill with a protective rubber layer, that’s even better. It will be easy to use and will ensure a better grip.
  • Speed: If the drill is fast, you will be able to use it efficiently and quickly, saving a lot of time.
  • Affordability: Set a budget for yourself based on your requirements. If you are a hobbyist, you can buy a good one. If you are a newbie, a simple and affordable one will be enough.

Other factors that you can consider are additional drill bits, in-built batteries, LED work light, warranty, and a carry bag. These are optional but the ones we explained earlier are a must.

Best cordless drill for RV jacks – expert reviews

Now, let’s get straight down to business and explore some of the best drill powered car jacks for RVs.

1. DEWALT MAX Cordless Drill – 20V

DEWALT MAX Cordless Drill – 20V

This is a combo kit from a very popular company, DEWALT. The kit has lightweight tools that are easy to use and carry. Below are a few important details:

  1. The kit consists of a drill, battery packs, a charger, a drill driver, and a kit bag.
  2. It is convenient enough to allow one-handed drill bit loading.
  3. Its motor promises high performance as it delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO).
  4. It has a wide range of applications and can be used without any concerns.
  5. It comes with an LED that helps with visibility.
  • Affordable
  • Comes with batteries
  • Quick charging
  • The LED’s location is not ideal


2. Black+Decker Cordless Drill – LDX120C

Black+Decker Cordless Drill – LDX120C

When it comes to hardware tools, Black and Decker is always ahead of the competition. If you are wondering why, you should read about this cordless drill’s features.

  1. This battery-powered drill is ideal for screw driving tasks, woodwork, metal, and plastic. 
  2. It has a chuck size of 3.8 inches.
  3. The drill is lightweight, compact, and has no memory.
  4. The cordless drill works on a voltage of 20V. It also has adjustable speed, giving you the flexibility to countersink without damaging the jack.
  5. It provides excellent control.
  • Versatile and powerful
  • 11 clutch positions
  • Adjustable speed
  • Tends to overheat
  • Not recommended for heavy drilling


3. Cordless Drill Driver Kit – KIMO

Cordless Drill Driver Kit – KIMO

Here’s another affordable drill kit for you. KIMO is a popular brand with multiple happy users who swear by the products. The drill is long-lasting and comes with multiple features such as the following:

  1. The drill comes with KIMO batteries that are guaranteed to last for at least 1000 cycles.
  2. It has 2 variable speeds.
  3. Its 23 clutch system (21 + 1 + 1) system makes it a must have for all hobbyists.
  4. It has an all-copper motor, which ensures stability. It is also cooler when compared to aluminum options.
  5. The drill also features a built-in LED for good visibility and reverse controls as and when needed. Through the reverse controls, you can remove and replace the screws after they are secure.
  6. The kit also has a fast charger, driver bits, screwdriver bits, a kit bag, a charger, etc.
  • Affordable
  • Energy efficient copper motor
  • 23 clutch settings
  • The kit bag is not durable


4. Avid Power – Lithium Ion Cordless Drill

Avid Power – Lithium Ion Cordless Drill

The Avid Power cordless drill is a power drill with a voltage of 20 V. it has a keyless chuck and multiple other exciting features. We have highlighted a few below:

  1. It comes with a lithium ion battery pack along with a USB output. This means you can also charge your phone with the battery in desperate times.
  2. It is compact and portable with a high quality motor. You can carry out daily drilling tasks without feeling any fatigue. 
  3. Its speed can be adjusted from 0 to 550 RPM.
  4. It also has an electric brake function that ensures easy but precise operation.
  5. The design includes a rubber cover for better grip.
  6. In the kit, along with the drill, you will find 100 drill bits, an extension bar, 10 driver bits, and a magnetic shaft.
  • Very precise
  • USB output for battery
  • Accessories are not of great quality


5. Black+Decker Cordless Drill – LD120VA

Black+Decker Cordless Drill – LD120VA

We are going to round this list off with one of our favorite drills for RV jacks – Black+Decker! This particular model is very versatile and has many applications. Find out more below:

  1. It can drill through wood, plastic, metal, etc. 
  2. It has a soft grip for easy handling.
  3. The kit includes 30 accessories along with a magnetic tip holder, nut drivers, screw driving bits, and a battery.
  4. You can also use it as an electric drill – it supports both.
  5. The battery can hold its charge for 18 months without issues.
  • Very powerful
  • Good battery life
  • Drill bits may not be durable


All you have to do now is to compare and pick your favorite! We hope this list has made your job easy. If you have any concerns or questions, though, please feel free to reach out.

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