Best 4 Post Car Lifts: Compare And Choose The Top Car Lift of 2019

4 post car lifts are exceptionally useful. They shower multiple benefits on car owners, which is why everyone wants to buy one these days. 

Along with making cleaning and maintenance easy, 4 post car lifts can also help with storage. This is why, even though a few models are pretty expensive, many people prefer them. Here are some of the benefits you may not be aware of though:

  • Clean the engine without having to force yourself under the vehicle
  • Lift the car and diagnose it thoroughly without discomfort
  • Check the exhaust without wasting energy (and without worrying about your safety!)
  • Store your car with ease in a small driveway
  • Store your car without worrying about extra space, if you have two cars

Now, are you excited to jump straight in and discuss which 4 post car lift you should purchase? Before we begin, let us tell you why the choosing process is important. A car lift will lift your entire car. This means that it has to be sturdy and professional-grade. A bad quality car post is dangerous because the weight of the car can weaken it and ultimately cause it to collapse. Imagine the damage! This is why we have always been advocates of prevention and this list will help you be on the safe side without regrets. Let’s get started:

Best 4 Post Car Lifts

1. Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift

Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4

Safe, reliable, and tough, the Auto Lift Car Park is your best companion, especially if you are looking for better storage. In case you have a small driveway, this one will help you lift your car and store it peacefully without efforts. Here’s why you should consider this car lift:

  • The carriages are safe and enclosed.
  • You have a redundant ladder with a safety lock system. You can choose from 10 different lock positions based on your preference.
  • It comes with a free set of 3 drip trays, poly caster kit, jack tray, and steel approach ramps.
  • It is large in size and has a 3-inch diameter.
  • It is pretty easy to operate with a lock release handle. You can find it near the power handle itself. 
  • You don’t need any tools to install the poly caster kit.
  • It comes with 18-inch wide runways with non-skid diamond plate.


2. TRIUMPH NSS-8XLT 8000 Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift Oversized


TRIUMPH is another brand that you can rely on completely. Its lifts are designed for longevity with all the safety measures in place. A number of happy customers have returned to say nothing but good things about it. Let’s get into the specifics now:

  • It has a lifting capacity of 8000 lbs. That means it can accommodate most cars.
  • The overall height is 94 inches.
  • The runway length is pretty standard at 180 inches while the overall length is 190 inches.
  • It has automatic locks that let you adjust the lift in 10 different positions. 
  • Along with the auto lift, you get three drip trays, a jack tray, and a caster kit. These options make it easy to install and use exactly how you want to.
  • It also has 2 vehicle stop plates and 2 vehicle loading ramps that you can use or remove at your convenience.


3. Mayflower Blacksmith Four Post Lift Car Pro 8000

Mayflower Blacksmith Four Post Lift Car Pro 8000

As the name suggests, Mayflower Blacksmith has a weight capacity of 8000 lbs. This means that it is perfect for any small car. It is a complete set that’s easy to install and use. That’s why, despite being slightly expensive, we recommend it. It is a one-time purchase! Here’s more about it:

  • It has a 110V 60 Hz 1 Phase motor.
  • The maximum lifting height is 72 inches. This may be less than the others in its league, but it is perfectly fine. It won’t affect your storage or servicing process.
  • The kit includes a poly caster kit, approach ramps, a jack tray, and a set of 3 drip trays.
  • It has a built-in single point safety lock with 10 functions. So, the height and adjustments are totally up to you!
  • You can use the lift kit for parking, servicing, and storage. It serves all main purposes!
  • The lifting time is 40 seconds, which is quite standard.
  • It has a black powder-coated finish thanks to which you don’t have to worry about corrosion.


4. BendPak 4-Post Wide/Standard Lift – 9000 Lbs

BendPak 4-Post Wide

A capacity of 8000 lbs not enough for your car? Here’s a lift that can accommodate a thousand more! Say hello to the BendPak 4 Post Lift that has an overall width of 88 inches and works to provide you great convenience when it comes to storage and servicing. Let’s take a closer look:

Since its width is 88 inches, you can assume that it is compact and can work perfectly for smaller spaces.

  • It has a freestanding design without a special foundation.
  • You can install it without breaking your head with complicated instructions. The process is also quite quick.
  • You can lock and unlock it at every 4 inches. 
  • It has self-lubricating cable rollers for smooth functionality.
  • It is a heavy-duty, professional-grade lift that can withstand tough use.


5. TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000 lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift


Specifically designed to make servicing easier, the TRIUMPH NSS model is your best bet for car maintenance. It is pretty compact, can fit small spaces, and deliver exactly what you are looking for: purpose and convenience. Here’s what you can expect from it:

  • The overall length is 175 inches, and the overall height is 84 inches.
  • The drive-through width is 93 inches with a runway length of 165 inches.
  • It is a complete kit with all the required accessories. You won’t have to buy any other tools for installation or usage. The assembly won’t take you longer than a few hours.
  • A few users have mentioned that the cable is not of great quality and may cut through the hydraulic fitting, but many others have reported zero glitches. However, if this worries you, you may check the other options and ignore this one completely.

The best 4 post lift kits are expensive. We are not going to hide that from you. So, while spending so much money, user discretion is a must. You must do your research and determine which one you want to go for after assessing all your needs. You may also speak to the manufacturers directly for clarity so that you know which of the above is the best for you. All the best!

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