Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jack – Which is best to lift your car safely

If you are such a person who works on cars, either at home or in a shop, you know how important a floor jack is. With the presence of several different brands in the market, it can get confusing to select one which will be the best for your work. The Arcan and Pittsburgh floor jacks are two of the brilliant jacks that are out there. Here’s a detailed review of both these floor jacks to help you decide which one you should go for. 

Arcan Floor JackArcan Floor Jack

Arcan floor jacks are one of the most favorite choices of mechanics, and that is mainly due to its sturdy aluminum design and high-quality performance. Its 3-ton, premium aluminum design with dual pump pistons and a reinforced lighting arm makes it the top-rated product in the market. 

Down below is a list of the few features of an Arcan floor jack.

  • They have a lifting capacity of 3-tons and a working range of about 11-⅝ inches to 17.5 inches. 
  • It also has a counterweighted pawl that locks in place for added security and prevents slipping and allows easy adjustments. 
  • Arcan floor jacks have a large contoured saddle with locating lugs, which helps in supporting and the positioning of your vehicle frame. 
  • They also have a wide stance base, which delivers superior stability and includes base pads to prevent the jack from sinking into the asphalt and provides stable footing for the jack stands. 
  • These floor jacks have a welded construction design and are made of alloyed steel that will offer you years of support. 

Arcan puts all of its equipment through meticulous safety tests to make sure that their products are 100% safe to use. Their lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum allows for easy maneuverability. Their side-mount handle and 2 piece handle allows convenient jack positioning and easy storage. The dual pump-pistons can quickly raise the floor jack saddle to load, and the reinforced lift arm will increase length and durability. 

The only downside or cons to these floor jacks is their price and a heavy built despite being made of aluminum. 

Pittsburgh Floor JackPittsburgh Floor Jack

Pittsburgh floor jacks are known for being one of the best low-profile jacks in the market. They perform excellently, and their price-to-performance ratio is top-notch. Let’s have a look at the features of these floor jacks. 

  • The Pittsburgh automotive 3-ton heavy-duty ultra-low profile steel floor jack comes with a welded construction, which will give you a super tough precision. 
  • Their industrial-grade finish and quality are perfect for professional mechanics as well as hardcore automotive enthusiasts. 
  • They also come with a rapid pump, exclusive dual parallel pump system which can lift with fewer pumps. 
  • The extra-wide steel casters for stability and the universal joint release provides load control precision in handling the position of the jack. 

Pittsburgh floor jacks have a sturdy design, and one can totally trust these floor jacks for their durability, impeccable performance, and long-lasting construction. Its dumble pump system makes it very easy for one to lift their car and truck. Even though Pittsburgh’s jacks are known for their low profile, they can also lift high enough to place the jack stand without any notable trouble. 

Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jack

Both the floor jacks are very much similar in their performance, and they both can fit high and low profile vehicles effortlessly. The only difference here is in the material used for their construction, aluminum, and steel and the price difference. Arcan’s jack is made of aluminum, which gives it the advantage of being very light-weight, whereas Pittsburgh’s jack is made from steel, which makes it very economical and budget-friendly.

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